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Hot-n-Cold Packs

Ideas For Use of Hot-n-Cold Packs

Hot Packs
Restless Leg Syndrome
Stomach Aches
Menstrual Cramps
Growing Pains
Warming Extremities
Sore Muscles
Cold Packs
Puffy Eyes
Minor Burns
Cooling Down
Reduce Swelling
Fever Reducer
Toothaches Post Work-Out Recovery

Caring for your Hot-n-Cold Pack

STORE the pack in a sealed bag inside your freezer.  The sealed bag protects it from absorbing freezer smells and increases the longevity of the essential oils used to scent the pack.

FREEZE the pack once it’s stored in the bag so its always ready when you need a cold pack.

HEAT the pack by removing from the sealed bag and microwaving on high heat for 30 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached.  Approximate heating time will be 2-3 minutes

CLEAN the pack by spot treating with a damp cloth.  Do not get the pack wet. Disinfect by microwaving for up to 3 minutes.