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Emily Stahmann - Craft with Me

Hello. I’m Emily and Craft with Me is my handcrafted gift boutique. As a dreamer and creator, I’ve long enjoyed the world of arts and crafts.  My hobbies include reading, cooking, sewing, interior design, floral design, kids, scrapbooking, painting, and napping.  I’m married to my best friend, Paul, who is also my biggest supporter and my IT guy.  We are the parents of five beautiful kids who keep us busy and happy and have taught us more about life and love than we ever could have imagined.

– Emily Stahmann

"Hi, Emily. I received my mask and it fits me perfectly. Usually masks are huge on me. Thank you so much!"

– Michelle S. – Illinios

“The towels are completely amazing. Thank you so much!”

– Daniel K. – Emmett, ID

My kids use their hot-n-cold packs every day. H. likes hers warm and uses them at night for growing pains. Y. likes them frozen to ice whenever she gets a bruise or a bonk. E. likes to cool off with his and A warms hers up when she’s dealing with menstrual cramps.

– Amy B. – Hilo, HI

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