Burp Cloth

Highly absorbent cloth diaper with your choice of soft flannel fabric and sewn with a decorative stitch. The cloth is adorable while it gets to work cleaning up big messes.

Build your Burp Cloth in three simple steps.

STEP #1: Select who you’re shopping for
STEP #2: Choose a flannel pattern
STEP #3: Add to cart

Flannel Teal Whales
Flannel Frogs
Flannel Pink Elephants
Flannel Blue Elephants
Flannel Whales
Flannel Alligators
Flannel Unicorns
Flannel Pink Unicorns
Flannel Sea Creatures
Flannel Rainbow Unicorns
Flannel Puppies
Flannel Hedgehogs
Flannel Water Frogs
Flannel Fishing
Flannel African Animals
Captain Marvel Flannel
Flannel Silhouette
Flannel Camo Real Tree
Flannel Real Tree
Flannel Army
Teal Chevron
Utah Utes Grey
Flannel Utah State Aggies
Flannel Basketball BYU
Flannel BYU
Flannel Boise State
Flannel Wonder Woman
Flannel Flying Superman
Flannel Superman
Flannel Batman
Flannel Blue Batman
Flannel Horses
Flannel Raine Floral
Flannel Rainbow Pineapple
Flannel Mint Green Geo
Flannel Grey Busy
Flannel Green Gingham
Valentine's Day Buttons
Flannel Moon and Back
Flannel Pink Lambs
Flannel High Valley
Tazmanian Devil and Bugs Bunny
Flannel Blue Cloud and Stars
Flannel LDS Primary Boy
Flannel Moon and Back
Flannel Pink Lambs
Flannel High Valley
Flannel A Star is Born
Flannel Welch Plaid
Flannel Ted Plaid
Flannel, Teal with White Polka Dots
Flannel, Blue Polka Dots
Flannel, Red Polka Dots on White
Flannel, Mint with Polka Dots
Flannel, Bubble Gum with White Polka Dots
Flannel, Bubble Gum with Light Pink Polka Dots
Flannel, Hot Pink Bullseye
Light Yellow
Light Green
Navy Blue
Light Blue
Flannel, Atoms and Molecules
NFL - Flannel, Seattle Seahawks
NFL - Flannel, San Francisco 49ers
NFL - Flannel, Raiders
NFL - Flannel, Green Bay Packers
NFL - Flannel, Dallas Cowboys
NFL - Flannel, Dallas Cowboys White
NFL - Flannel, Chicago Bears
MLB - Flannel, LA Angels
Flannel Grey Marble
Flannel, Rainbow Swirls Paw Print
Flannel, Pink Princess
Flannel, Sailboats
Flannel, Succulents
Flannel, Teacups
Flannel, Zoo Beach Pirates
Flannel, Peach Beach
Flannel, Cactus Grey
Flannel, Black and White Music Notes
London Flannel
Flannel, Trains and Cars
Flannel, Donkey Kong
Mario Light Blue
Minecraft Swords
Pokemon Characters Aqua
Flannel Teal Whales
Flannel Frogs
Flannel Whales
Flannel Alligators
Flannel Sea Creatures
Flannel Mermaids
Flannel Sharks Lighthouse
Flannel, Frogs on Water
Flannel Fishing
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If the options available don't quite give you what you're looking for, we will make you a fully custom design to fit what you're envisioning - at no extra cost.

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Care Instructions:

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low heat